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Lawrence Lewis & Guy Myers founded LMI in 1995. Lewis' experience with Kodak and Chili Plastics has been integral in LMI recognizing the existing market potential in the packaging industry. Their initial direction was in the "converting business" which is best described as the converting of bubble or foam plastics into bags, sleeves and sheets used for packaging. They started in the converting business in order to establish a market presence in the packaging industry at a relatively low startup cost.

Once the converting business was established and they were recognized in the packaging marketplace, they planned to exploit the opportunities that existed in the contract fulfillment services business.

Lawrence Lewis, President
As the company's founder, Lawrence brings his knowledge and expertise of the packaging industry into the LMI's operations. He is responsible for the development of the company's operating systems and policies and he oversees all of the operations.

He provides strategic direction and seeks to recognize and exploit related business opportunities. He is also responsible for purchasing, estimating jobs, issuing price proposals, and the ultimate costing of jobs and also oversees the financial aspects of LMI.



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